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Saturday, July 2, 2005

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The fellers put on a great show and we're real close to being out of here...a long, hot day in the desert. The Peppers are onstage and smoothing them out with some mellow jams... the big gun numbers will come later....Thanks to Anthony and Mick for making this a groovy day and special thanks to the RHCP crew (Bill, Dave, Chris and Tracy) for making us feel at home...

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from Scripting News...

Ethan Zuckerman: "Africa's a continent. Not a crisis."
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    East Las Vegas, NV- It's cooler than they forcasted, only reading 103 at the airport. They say it feels like 96 degrees.


    Having lived in Texas for a few years and touring in the summer for two decades, I know when it's hot outside. That time is now.

    The crews and the locals have gotten along wonderfully all day and the only person seeming to have a hard time is me. I have an excuse; I'm mentally ill. There were some changes that occurred while I was home that have make my job a little challenging in that my reference points now mean nothing. I like being able to create a system for myself that makes sense to me and that is the starting point in a days work. I will get it back by the end of the week but it's going to be interesting until then.
    I'm not sure how to metaphor it for you in a way that won't sound idiotic. I feel like the kid who didn't do his homework and shows up for class in his underwear. Let's say your job is to set up a charcoal grill in the center of a circular field, light it and make it ready for the cook. Right now I feel like the grill is half in the field and half in the woods, the grillracks are under the grill legs and the charcoal is lit, burning a hole in the grass 40 feet away. It is my problem, isn't it?
    Well, it looks like it's gonna be a fine night here at UNLV... I'll try to get some snaps and post them later....

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